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Thursday, July 19th 2012

9:26 AM

10yr preteen pussy


Related article: Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 17:53:13 +0000 From: Robbie Calverley Subject: COX & BOX 6This is a story of sex between young males. It is pure fiction and should be read as such. If this offends you or you are under-age please read no further.lads-r-us reserves all copyright to this story, and the story or any parts thereof may only be reproduced with my express permission and not reproduced at all on any site which is not free to view. It has been written purely for entertainment and not for profit.The story takes place where AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases do not exist so condoms are not used, nor are they necessary, unlike in this wicked world of ours. So when you have casual sex PLEASE make sure you are adequately protected. I don't want to lose any readers!!That said, I hope you enjoy the story and whether you do or not please feel free to contact me at the Email address at the end. COX & BOX -- CHAPTER SIX -- COMING OUT TO MUM & DADI WOULD LIKE TO DEDICATE THIS CHAPTER TO ADAM POLLARD WHO GAVE ME THE IDEA FOR THE FIRST PART OF THIS CHAPTER, We smiled and kissed at the same time, then heard a sniff from the side of the bed as Adam fought back more tears, and then he said `OK, boys, I think my job is done here, you have an hour before anybody comes to clean the room, so just make sure you're out by then. I'll be in my office just off the foyer, please come and say goodbye before you leave`Thank you, Adam' we said together. We wanted to say a lot more, but that could wait for an hour. At this precise moment we were so preteen models freebies wrapped up in one another and our newfound experiences that nothing existed outside these four walls as far as we were concerned.Now we could honestly say that not only did we love one another, we really were truly `lovers'.We made preteen boy galleries the most of that hour, Charlie insisted that we stopped using the word `fuck' and instead used the phrase `making love' and it seemed to fit just right, so we made love again, Charlie taking the `top' role which he seemed to prefer, which is just fine as I love to feel him inside me.We both reached our climax again and then lay in one another's arms for ten minutes kissing one another, our tongues darting out of our mouths like swords in a duel, but not going as far as a full French kiss.`We'd better get dressed and go and see Adam' Charlie suggested`Not just yet' I said `we still have twenty minutes. I reached out to the bedside table and grabbed our butt plugs and lube and prepared Charlie's arse and slid one of the plugs home with Charlie making cooing noises of delight. I then lubed up the other plug and passed it to Charlie and he slid it expertly into my waiting love chute. preteen model 13 Then he flipped himself around and began lightly licking my cock, which began to grow hard in nought seconds flat. I played with his balls with one hand and slowly massaged his cock with the other, then when it was good and hard I slipped his cock into my mouth and took it deep as I could and then lightly closed my teeth over it and gently, so very gently eased my teeth down his shaft to his knob and off the end.`FFFFFFFFFFffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking hell, that is soooooo amazing' said Charlie, when he got his breath back. `I almost came then.' I carried on sucking him and passed a hand between his legs and gently twisted the flange of his butt plug so that it swivelled inside him. `Oh, Billy' he said, but could say no more as I pressed the plug as far in as I possibly could. Charlie was rewarding me with so much precum that I thought he had shot his load, but then I guessed preteens picture he hadn't as he remained ultra-hard and showed no signs of over sensitivity as I continued to lick his shaft and then preteen nubile photos paid particular attention to his knob and specifically his piss slit, taking pleasing models preteens the precum as it left him.I felt pressure between my legs and realised that he was going to give me the same treatment. He pressed hard against the plug and I could feel it pressing against something deep inside me and was about to ask him to be careful when whatever it was inside me suddenly opened up and admitted the tip of the plug. The feeling was so fantastic that he could have pressed it right up into my throat and I wouldn't have complained. He then combined the pressure with twisting and without warning I felt my love juices begin to rise at such a speed that I couldn't warn him that he was about to get a mouthful. I needn't have worried, he took all that I had to offer and then released the pressure on the plug, but continued to suck me gently, not putting any pressure on my cock.Again I slid my lips down his shaft and just licked his piss slit with little darting movements which made him squirm under me, and when he removed his mouth from my cock he began uttering little moans and as he shuddered I knew what to expect. I was not disappointed because just a few seconds later he shot his load into my waiting mouth, proving yet again that 13 year-old boys really are cum factories.We just had time for a brief hug before we had to get dressed and out of the room. We left our butt plugs in place and went down in the lift to reception where we asked the young man behind the reception desk where we could find Adam's office. He looked us up and down knowingly, smiled and directed us to a door just by the main entrance. As we turned to go he whispered `I hope the honeymoon suite met with your approval.'We had the grace to blush and grin sheepishly, thanking him as we left. We knocked on Adam's door and he called us to come in. He smiled as we entered and asked `Got your strength back now boys?'`Just about' said Charlie `you missed the encores, though. Adam laughed and then Charlie said `Did you tell the guy behind the reception desk about us?'Adam nodded and said `I had no choice really, I had to have his OK to use the room, but you needn't worry, Ralph is a sweetie and although he's straight he understands that we all have our preferences. In fact, it was his idea to give you the honeymoon suite.'We nodded our understanding and then I said `We just natural preteen tighties wanted to come and say how grateful we are to you, Adam, you've been so kind to us and taught us so much. You must have spent a fortune on all the stuff you bought, you must let us know how much and we'll let you have the cash when we can.'`Nonsense' said Adam coming around the desk. `It has been a pleasure to meet two unspoilt, loving, caring boys. I count it a real privilege that you allowed me into the most intimate area of your lives and that you trusted me to behave myself, although I have to confess it was difficult at times. What I want to say now is that if ever you need help or advice and you think I may be of some use to you, you have my mobile number so please phone me, and if ever you're passing I insist that you pop in and see me.Then he hugged us both and kissed us both on the cheek saying `Now get those gorgeous butts out of here and photo preteen pretty go and enjoy yourselves.'He came with us on to the pavement and as we waved our goodbyes I could see a tear running down his cheek. I looked at Charlie to see that he was in a similar state and I must confess that I had to blink a few times to clear my eyesight. I looked up at the hotel and said to Charlie `I'll never look at this place in the same light again. Your Bar Mitzvah was great, but what happened boy foot preteen free schoolgirls preteen here today was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I'll never forget it. The Imperial will always have a special place in my heart. I almost took Charlie's hand as we walked to where we had left out bikes, but I wasn't quite that ready to be quite so open just yet.The rest of the week flew by and we made love whenever we could, cementing our relationship. Saturday morning dawned dull and rainy and Charlie volunteered to come to my house with me and get everything ready for Mum & Dad's homecoming. We tidied and dusted around, not that there was any mess as we had spent all of our time next door. Mum and Dad are rather partial to spicy foods so I took some chicken from the freezer and defrosted it in the microwave, then chopped it and poured over a jar of curry sauce that I found in the larder and set it on to cook. I found some rice to go with it and put a couple of bottles of Chardonnay to chill in the fridge. I wanted them in a good mood because today was the day when I planned to tell them that Charlie and I were now a couple. preteen tight tits I cooked enough preteens picture so that Charlie could preteen shocking bbs stay for the meal as he wanted to be with me when I told them the news.The phone photos preteens rang at about mid-day and Mum told me preteens nudist bbs they were on the motorway and expected to be home in about two hours, asking me what I would like for lunch as they were planning to get a take-away. I told them not to bother as there was a curry waiting for them and Mum was delighted.The car pulled into preteen hidden models the driveway at 2.15 and we ran out to greet them. We hugged and Mum kissed us both and said how good it was to see us and that they had had a wonderful break but were pleased to be home.As we walked into the house the smell of curry wafted into their nostrils and they both said how delicious it smelled. I told them that I nn preteen 16 just had to cook the rice and then dinner (or late lunch really) would be served. I asked Charlie to open the wine and he poured glasses for preteen nubile photos Mum and Dad and then Dad suggested we put a second bottle in the fridge as he thought that Charlie and I deserved a crazy holiday preteen glass. `I already thought of that' I said opening the fridge and showing him the other bottle.He got two more glasses and poured our drinks then he and mum raised their glasses in a toast to `Cox and Box'.Twenty minutes later we sat down to eat and although I say it myself and although it was only a ready-made sauce, the curry was excellent and Mum and Dad seemed to be getting quite mellow as the second bottle of wine slowly emptied.Charlie and I cleared away the dishes into the dishwasher while Mum and Dad sat on the sofa and Dad turned on the TV to watch the sport.When we had cleared away I looked at Charlie and he looked at me as I said `It's now or never.' He came to me and hugged me, kissed me lightly, took my hand and led me into the sitting room. I think he realised that if I were left to europeans preteens nude my own devices I might chicken out. We dropped hands as we went through the door and I cleared my throat and said `Mum, Dad, I have something to tell you.'They looked at me smiling and Dad said `OK son, spit it out, it can't be that bad because the house is still standing.'They laughed and Mum asked `What is it Billy?'`Well, er' I began `there's no easy way to say this but, you see, er' I suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to pee, but clenched my buttocks and tightened the muscles at the base of my cock and the feeling subsided. `You see, Charlie and I, we ... ... ... we've decided that we love one another and we want to be treated like a couple.'There was a stunned silence before Dad said `WHAT?'`Mum, Dad, I love Charlie and he loves me and we ... ... ... ...'`DON'T BE SO BLOODY STUPID, BILLY, NO SON OF MINE IS GOING TO BE A ... ... ... ... A QUEER' said Dad.To say I was shocked was an understatement.I felt preteen sex tour Charlie's hand in mine and knew that he would support me if he could in anything I said or did, but at the moment I was absolutely dumbstruck.`Get your hand away from my son, you little pervert.' Suddenly shouted my mother `this is all your fault, you little pouff.'`NO' I shouted `This is NOT Charlie's fault, this is what we BOTH want.'`GET OUT OF MY HOUSE' she shouted at Charlie `GET OUT NOW AND NEVER COME BACK.'`But Mum ... ... ... ...' began Charlie`DON'T YOU EVER, EVER CALL ME THAT AGAIN, IN FACT preteen modeling pics DON'T EVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN, AND IF YOU HAVE TO SPEAK YOU WILL CALL ME MRS. COX, NOW GET OUT'I could hear Charlie whimpering beside me as he tried to remove his hand from my grasp, but I tried to hold on to him. `Mum, this is not fair' I said.`FAIR, YOU TALK ABOUT FAIR? That little pervert has seduced you and all you nn models preteens can do is talk about me not being fair. Now get out, boy, and don't ever come back' she said to Charlie.He managed to wrestle his hand from my grasp and left the house in tears.`Now get out of my sight, William, go to your room and don't come out until I tell you.'William? She hasn't called me William since I was 11 years old and she caught me smoking a cigarette in the garage.Throughout this exchange I had been aware of my father staring open-mouthed at my mother, but as I made my way upstairs blinking back the tears I could hear their raised voices as they half-discussed, half-argued about what had happened. A few minutes later I heard a knock at the back door and Momma's voice speaking briefly before Mum started shouting that her son had corrupted me and that he was a pervert and that she had a good mind to go to the police, then I heard the back door slam and Momma walking away crying.The raised voices continued downstairs as I lay on my bed sobbing now. I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what to think, I didn't know how to cope with this. I think I must have cried myself to sleep and when I woke up I was aware of movement beside the bed and saw Dad sitting in the rocking chair beside me. He held out his arms to me and for the first time in I don't know how many years I sat in his lap and cried, and cried and cried. `She's so unfair' I snivelled `she doesn't understand.'`Neither do I, son' said Dad `but I'm willing to listen. I can't speak for your mum, she has really taken this badly and she's adamant that she will never have Charlie in the house again. Billy, what happened? Did Charlie seduce you?'`No, Dad, No, if anything I seduced him, but we both wanted it and we both love one another and it just seems so right.' I replied.`Have you and Billy ... ... ...well ... ... ...' Dad began`Yes, Dad, we are lovers in every sense of the word.'`Oh, Billy, Billy, Billy, I wish I could understand you, but it all seems so alien to me.' he said.`I know, Dad, but at least you're talking to me.' I replied.We must have sat there for over an hour until my sobs subsided and then he said `Back to bed now, Billy, let's hope that things sort themselves in the morning.' And he helped me back into bed and kissed me on the forehead, something he hadn't preteen legal pic done for a long, long time.I was still fully dressed, but I hardly even noticed. I slept fitfully, waking every so often to cry a few more tears and mull over how unhappy I was.Sunday brought no solution to the problem. Dad told me that Charlie had knocked on the back door but when Mum had seen who it was she refused even to fotoplenka preteen open the door and Charlie had stood outside crying and begging to see me.I left my room only twice during the day, both times to use the toilet. I was in the photos preteens same clothes and would continue to wear them throughout the coming week. I had lost interest in my appearance. I didn't wash, not even my hands after peeing and I certainly didn't shower. Dad brought meals to me on a tray but I ate nothing, just drank water and stared into the middle distance. I didn't think about anything other than Charlie. I was due back at school on the Monday and mum wanted Dad to force me preteen shocking bbs to go, but Dad phoned them and said that I was ill and would not be there for a few days. He also took time off work so that he could be in the house as he didn't want me to be alone with Mum.I continued my solitary existence until the Thursday and my food trays were still being returned to the kitchen untouched and even Mum was beginning to get worried. Eventually on the Friday morning she knocked and came into my room. Her attitude was as frosty as ever when she said `You'll have to eat something, Billy, or you'll make yourself ill.'`I don't care' I said, petulantly `I don't care if I die if I can't be with Charlie.'I couldn't bear to be in the same room as her and I stood to leave. `Billy, jailbait preteens pics you haven't eaten since Saturday and I'm worried about you.' She said.`You don't care about me' I said `You've taken away the boy that I love and you've ruined my life.' I said`Don't say that, Billy, you can't love free schoolgirls preteen him, it's not natural. We didn't bring you up to be like this.'`Mum, it's not the way you brought me up; it's the way I am. I'm not saying that one day I might not marry and have kids and lead what YOU would call a `normal life', but for the moment I want to be with Charlie. europeans preteens nude I pre teen sock love Charlie and he loves me, but we both know that it may just be a phase we're going through, but for now, we want to be with one another.'`Huh' she said `and what do the pervert's parents have to say about it?'`Mum, please don't call him a pervert; if he's a pervert then I'm a pervert. He didn't seduce me, it's something we both want, and if anything I made the first move, and Momma and Pops have been great. I think they had trouble understanding what we're about, but at least they have accepted us and treat us like normal kids.' I said.`Normal? You think this is Normal?' she said, and left the room without another word, closing the door behind her.I thought I couldn't cry any more. I was wrong. I was very wrong. I seemed to spend the rest of the day crying and when my dad came in with a food tray later in the day I ignored him and just lay curled up on the bed.Saturday morning I woke and when I tried to get out of bed I found I could hardly stand, but I made it to the toilet and peed, but found I could only crawl back to my bedroom. I think Dad must have heard the noise because he came upstairs and saw me climbing from the floor into the bed, and even that was almost too much effort. I had, to all intents and purposes, given up the will to live.Later in the day I did something I hadn't done since I was eight years old. I'm ashamed to say I peed the bed, and I didn't care, I just lay there in my own urine, wallowing in self-pity and not caring.I was aware of my Dad coming in to the bedroom and of him saying, as he had earlier in the week `Oh, Billy, Billy, Billy.'He picked up his piss-sodden son and took me to the bathroom where he ran me a warm bath, undressed me and lifted me into it and then proceeded to wash every inch of my body from my hair down to my toes, then he wrapped me in his own thick towelling bath robe and sat me in the rocking chair in my bedroom while he took off the soiled bedding, turned the mattress so the wettest side was downwards, placed a couple of thick towels over the damp area and then put fresh, clean sheets on the bed and laid me down, covering me with the duvet which he had put a fresh, clean cover on.I must say that being clean again made me feel a little better, but I knew it was only a temporary respite.I heard Dad go downstairs and once again there were raised voices, but this time it was my father who was preteen shocking bbs laying down the law and I could hear a lot of what he said. I heard Charlie's name mentioned several times and eventually heard the back door slam and then there was silence. Silence that was short-lived because the next thing I knew was Mum shouting `GET OUT OF MY HOUSE' and then I heard Dad tell her to shut up and then I heard Momma's voice saying that they had to talk about this. `Charlie's in a terrible state,' she said `he won't eat; he just stays in his room and cries all day.'`Pretty much the same as Billy' said Dad `and I'm really worried about him, he hasn't even got crazy holiday preteen he strength to stand' preteen 10 yo said Dad, `I really think we have to listen to what the boys are saying.'`NEVER!' said Mum`Come on, Grace,' said Momma `I felt a bit strange at first, but the boys have been friends for all these years and they know one another inside out, and if they say they're in love, who are we to argue?'Mum, for once, was silent, and then I heard Dad say `I'm sorry, Grace, but I have to agree with Rachel on this one, you didn't see how bad Billy was today.'`You're all ganging up against me' said Mum `I know that something has to be done, but I just can't accept that my son is ... ... ... ... gay' she finally said.`Grace,' said Momma `the boys may not be gay. They say themselves that they may marry and have kids one day. I love Billy as much as I love Charlie and I just can't stand to see either of them this unhappy, especially if Billy is as bad as Frank says. You're his mother, Grace; surely a mother's love overrides everything.'There was silence for a moment and then I hear Mum begin to wail like preteen boys stripping I've never heard underage preteen toplist anybody cry before and a few moments later by bedroom door flew open and Mum was on the side of the bed, heaving me into her arms saying `I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Billy'With what little strength I had left I hugged her and my tears joined hers in washing away the hurt.`Frank' she shouted `Frank'. Dad came running upstairs thinking something was wrong `go and get Charlie' she said between sobs. `Go on!'Dad didn't wait to be told again, he ran down the stairs and went next door with Momma and two minutes later they were back with the boy I thought I had lost for ever. He was a little unsteady on is feet, but he was in a little better shape than me, probably because his parents were so supportive, but you could tell that he had been suffering as much as me. He looked at Mum, waiting for her to explode. Instead she absolute underage preteens looked at him and said `I'm sorry, Charlie, I said some unforgivable things to you and while I don't pretend to understand what you boys have between you, I know that there is an unbreakable bond and I promise you that whatever happens, I will never try to break that bond again. She released me from her grasp and kissed me lightly on the cheek, then held out her arms to Charlie and kissed him too. Then it was time for Dad to take her by the arm and preteen candid upskirts lead her from the bedroom, closing the door behind him. Charlie slipped out of his clothes and climbed into bed beside me, took me in his arms and kissed me. We were both too weak to do anything but preteens bra galleries gaze into each other's eyes, but what we could see there was pure, unadulterated, all-conquering love. My cares and worries disappeared into thin air. My lover was beside me again and that was all that really mattered. Robbie Lads-R-Us CHAPTER SEVEN -- CHARLIE'S DIARY - follows soon. I would like to thank all of those who have written so far for their very kind comments. Feedback was 100% positive, but please keep in touch and let me know how you think things europeans preteens nude are pre teen sock going. AND DON'T FORGET TO LET ME HAVE YOUR pre teen sock SUGGESTIONS IF YOU WANT THE STORY TO GO BEYOND CHAPTER EIGHT.You can reach me at:Lads_r_uspostmaster.co.uk (gaps are actually underscores)PLEASE NOTE NEW EMAIL ADRESS
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